The Black Rose Company's symbol

The Black Rose Company is a Religious Mercenary group that has lasted, supposedly, since the Crusades. They name each member based on a structure of prayer or worship, such as Cathedrals and Chapels. In the first season, they pose as an antagonist group toward Sadow numerous times, each member skilled in various styles of combat.

Members and Ranks Edit

Monastery - Leader

Temple - Squad Leader

Cathedral - Shocktrooper

Parish - Shocktrooper

Basilica - Shocktrooper

Chapel - Footsoldier

Goals Edit

As shown by Chapel's actions in the second Chapter, the goals of the Black Rose Company appear to be purging the world of crime. Chapel states that they "clean the Earth of filth." which strongly suggests this. They seem to be largely unaware of the existance of Demons as Chapel didn't believe in them until his fight with Umbra. However, Monastery is later revealed in his debut Chapter that he is, in fact, a Demon, unbeknownst to his followers.