Creed with his signature mask on.

Dario Cruz, more famously known as Creed, is a renown vigilante in New York City, New York, famous for his goal of apprehending criminals without killing them, despite the use of his Tiger Claw weapon.

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Creed is a Spaniard with long, golden-brown hair and dark blue eyes. He is well-built and muscular, as well as agile enough to do flips with ease. He has a purple tattoo of a snake-like Dragon around his waiste, right arm, back and ending at the chest.

He often wears yellow, leather bands on his wrists and on his left forearm, opposite of his right arm's tattoo. On his waiste, he wears a torn red sash tied at his right side. Following this are a pair of dark blue and yellow track pants and knee-high, white socks with brown dress shoes. He never wears a shirt when in his Creed persona.

His signature "Creed" assets that label him as such are his white masks with no mouth holes, a vertical line down the center, curved, snake-like eye holes, and a strange symbol on the left cheek side of the mask. On his right hand is worn his signature Tiger Claw gauntlet: a white or black glove with padding on the back that houses the attached mechanism that springs the blades when the grip on the gloves' palm is held tight.

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Dario's most notable trait is his conviction and belief in justice. He believes strongly that humanity doesn't have the right to decide who lives and who dies, so he has devoted himself to apprehending criminals without killing them, using his Claw Blade only to disarm and intimidate opponents.

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