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Lucifer as an Archangel.

"I shall be like the most high!" -Lucifer, declaring his rebellion

Lucifer was one of first Archangels in Heaven, the High Inquisitor of the Chorus, and the, eventual, first Devil in existance.

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Lucifer was always known for his soft, flowing, golden mane of hair and bright, sea-blue eyes that shone with the glow and brightness of the stars. He often wore white, sometimes a present-day white suit, and kept his many wings concealed, though showing them in pride at times.

Upon being transformed into a Devil, Lucifer's hair become slightly darker and his eyes turned to grey, which glowed red at times, as most Demons' do. His teeth went from straight and perfect to canined and sharp. Noticeably, he grew dark rings under his eyes at times when his dark side was showing.
Satoru Satoshi

Lucifer upon becoming a Devil.

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"How beautiful I am! How wise I am! How powerful I am! God is not the only one who is great! I am great also!"

As an Angel, Lucifer was notably charismatic. All who met him adored him and praised him for his loyalty and accomplishments. Publically he was humble and acted embarrassed when praised, but secretly he adored it. He kept out of conversing about political affairs unless it concerned him, to that extent. Michael and Gabriel noticed Lucifer's vanity but said nothing, sure that it was just a part of his personality that they had to accept.

When mankind was forged by God, Lucifer initially paid them no heed, but when all of his previous attention had vanished in the wake of these new "mortals", Lucifer secretly began to despise them. He grew envious of the attention they received not only from his peers, but from his Father On High as well. It was for this reason that when the Chorus of Angels were asked by Gabriel who would be the High Inquisitor of mankind to ensure their unrelenting love in God, Lucifer readily accepted.

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