Soul edge

The Qliphoth Key in it's first form.


The Qliphoth Key in its final form.

The Qliphoth Key is an ancient Demonic artifact that is responsible for granting one access to the Qliphoth of a human being. It is first unveiled in Season 2, when it is revealed to be in the possession of the Demonic King Bael, who has claimed it after usurping the throne of Hell from Lucifer and taking Ashtaroth, the guardian of the Qliphoth, as his "bride". During Bael's confrontation with Sadow, it first manifests as a large sword made of both steel and flesh, with a strange eye centered in the middle. Bael shows he is quite skilled in swordplay, especially with this weapon. After Sadow stabs the center eye, it explodes in a fantastic display and is revealed to have transformed into a more elegant but equally powerful weapon which Bael uses in his next transformation.