Instead of arcs, the different story timeframes go in Seasons, similarly to a TV show. A summary of each is listed below:

Season 1 Edit

This season follows Sadow as he arrives in New York City and begins his many adventures throughout it, making allies and enemies along the path to eventual rebellion from his employer, the enigmatic Gentleman, and the fated conflict between the two factions that would establish Sadow and company as a significant anti-Demon fighting force in the world.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 follows a year after the events of Season 1. Sadow and his allies have formed a legitimate business in defending New York from both crime and supernatural terrors. His ring of allies has doubled since before, but he finds new enemies and mysteries in the forms of his fellow Yatsumaru "brother", Akihiro, and his Phoenix Wing organization, as well as the growing threat of the Demon-Lord, Bael.

Season 3 Edit

Season 3 only takes place a month after Season 2. Sadow's Qliphoth has amplified and, with it, his Demonic side has manifested in psychotic terrors that plague his very mind and soul. Can he maintain his organization under such looming circumstances? Not only that, but a power struggle is erupting in Hell and the war may very well come to Earth. Sadow must choose wisely what part he intends to play if he wishes to keep his friends alive.

Season 4 Edit

The world is a battle-strewn wasteland. Sands cover the landscape as Demons traverse Earth freely, and humans are becoming near endangered from the threat. Pandora is a Hell-Hunter and, as such, is charged with protecting those who depend on her from supernatural threats. In the meantime, Sadow attempts to escape Hell to be reunited with her.

Season 5 Edit

Sadow must contend with several various enemies at once: The still-alive and ambitious Gentleman, the mysterious and sadistic Hush, as well as the looming threat of the ominous group known as the Hellfire Apostles. Can he struggle to survive under the harsh situation Earth is in as well as his separation from Pandora?

Season 6 Edit

Sadow has determined that the Hellfire Apostles are after him, and has reunited with Pandora and Jack. But as they return to where all of this began, the Apostles move their finest knife to the heart of Sadow's former company, who still reside on the battered island in hopes of his return as well as to survive. Can the trio make it in time to save their friends and loved ones from the might of the Dragon, Azazel?